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okay so here's the deal... I can't get on deviant art like I would like, however, i would appreciate it if you would continue or try to introduce my story to others :) after all, it is my goal to become deviant famous THANK YOU GUYS! :)
    Lukas got me up the next morning and made me follow him to a side room off the house. A computer was hooked up to the big tv screen, the couch was placed on the was opposite of the TV. the room was grey literally, everything was grey.
    "This is the letter that was in the chip you had, Myn, I thought you would like to see it first.. Well because it's yours." Garland said thoughtfully.
    "Okay what does it say?" I ask, the TV turns on as my words reach him and I stare at the screen reading the words plastered on the document.

        "The last of the purest Emperian blood lies in the hands of Mynaline, our beautiful daughter. We are a race that can heal faster, adapt better, survive longer than any other race of humans in this world. Nearly three centuries ago the Emerilians moved to our country and slowly gave us Emperians less and less freedoms. They did so in order to cut us down slowly but surely. This is what made the Emperians as we are today. We, the Emperians, wanted to free ourselves and rebuild our path to who we used to be.  The Ralix country decided to help us, considering the Emerilians were our common enemy. Emerilians scouts to dwindle our numbers because of our opposing strength and greater ways. The Emerilians believe us to be a direct being from under God. That is a false assumption, we have evolved above them.
We once had knowledge of the stars of the great galaxy, of the beings of the sea, before anyone could stop this cursed war from the beginning the Emerilians and Scouts had taken their spot in the Emperian lands and claimed to live together peacefully. NOw they are after the most powerful among us, the ones who have survived under their tyranny. the Marco family, Jacoby family, and our own.
Protect Mynaline."
    I sat on the couch stunned at what I just seen. My parents had seen this war coming. Even worse knew what happened three hundred years ago. my mind begins to real, and I hear a piercing buzzing noise. All I could think about was the noise. I didn't even realize that the room faded and a vision coming into focus before another explosion sent me flying. I open my eyes, still deaf to my surroundings, to find my self on a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean. I look for an escape, but not even a dingy was found. I then try to think but the only thing I could do is scream over the buzzing my ears were picking up. The ship kept sinking and there was no way out. Soon the vision had me too sinking, and the sea waves only got stronger and pushed me under the water. I thought I'd drown, but seemingly, I come back to life as I found Lukas holding me and trying to wake me up.
    "What's going on with you Myn?" he asked. I only shook my head, neither of us knew.
    "Is there something we can do Myn, after all you can count on us," Garland said. 
    "Well, ever since coming here, I've been having these weird dreams and visions, and by the look in Lukas' eyes they aren't safe ones. I don't know how I react to them but I do know in almost everyone of them, I've died," I say, brushing out the words. a ringing storms my ears but fades quickly. I get up and walk out of the room while everyone looks worriedly at me. I need some time to think. Better go to my room. 
Later that night, I scavenge for a bag, no one bothered me considering they were thinking of what I told them and also that I needed space. Sure enough, I found a waterproof duffle bag in the hall closet next to my room. I went back to my own closet and filled the bag with the clothes I had. 
    "Hello?" called Lukas. I walked out into my room to meet him leaving the bag tucked away. "I'm off to bed, will you be alright?" he asked his words slurred as my hearing faded. I nodded and he left. I locked my door and waited till midnight, I can't stand to sleep in this house another night. I wrote a letter to Klaire, figuring she was my only true friend. I wrote that I needed some 'soul searching' time alone. I made sure to include to say the only one I trusted was her, but that I couldn't stay any longer.
    Once midnight came I pulled the duffle bag over my shoulder so it wouldn't slip when I made my decent. going to my balcony I prepared myself for the nest step. At the ledge I jumped into the cold, chilling and possibly deadly ocean.
   That night I escaped with the clothes on my back and a few extra supplies.
    The tiny girl walked into the dark room. Her wonder about this dark room only grew with every whisper she heard.
    "Don't come, please we beg you," the whispers urged her.
    "Why is it scary," the girl asked, curiously. Her skin was pale, her hair bleached blonde to match. She was small and frail, in her little summer gown.
    "No, not really. But it be a waist, if you come any closer you won't be able to help us," the whispers answered. The girl stopped in her tracks and stared at the black abyss in front of her. "We want to see though your eyes, of what the world is like."
    "Oh, can I still talk to you though? I mean if I leave this place how will I get to know you better?" the girl wondered aloud for the whispers to hear.
    "Yes of course you'd be able to talk to us. If you help us obtain material bodies we can walk and play with you. Please my sweet Doll."
    "Of course, I promise, by the way my name is Gabriel, don't you have a name?"
    "We are not singled out as you Doll but many of your humans call us shadows, or deamons." they told their sweet Doll Gabriel.
    "I see, does that mean if I help you I can help give you a name? Everyone needs one." Her eyes pleaded to the darkness. 
    "We will stand by you forever , Doll," the whispers said delightfully. they thanked her for her support and the room faded. Gabriel opened her eyes and found her self in her room at the window sill where she had fallen asleep earlier reading her favorite book. She marked her page and ran down the corridor to her father's study in their new mansion home. Excited about her new friends.

"Doll," the had called her........ 

~Tsu-Cat out!!
The beginning of The Shadows
Congratulations, this is the start of my original most loved world of the shadows :)


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HI I am Tsu-Cat, love to have fun and love fish and chicken <and ramen>... oh and I love drawing!!!!!!!!!!! very much!

I also like rinmarugames and facebook!!
Well soon I'll be getting a permit and driving... gosh... hope the other students driving with me are descent driver :( I don't know them so it makes me anxious... :( Hope I get some luck :/

yep......... driving... where most people die in accidents :( but in the long run its good :) driving not accidents :( :/ I need luck or better yet... I need some sweet tea from Canes X)

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